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Nutrition Marketing Solutions

Nutrition Solutions Overview

Nutrition Solutions - OverviewOur Nutricate products (Nutricate means “to nutritionally educate”) address the growing need to improve America’s eating habits by helping people make smarter choices. Nutricate transforms an ordinary receipt into a compelling new one-on-one communication channel, providing customers with highly targeted and individualized nutritional information, combined with motivational marketing communications. Customers learn how to make better dietary choices and save money through targeted promotions. Companies benefit from a healthier employee population and foodservice providers profit from increased customer satisfaction and improved guest frequency.

Nutricate for Restaurants

With Nutricate Restaurant you will engage your customers on a whole new level. Transform your receipts from a cost into a dynamic means of providing customers with meaningful nutrition and marketing communications. With more than 70 percent of consumers customizing their orders, our Nutricate Restaurant is a solution developed to provide consumers with the nutritional value of their meal, tailored to their specific order. It makes nutritional information fun and accessible for your customers. This same channel also gives restaurants a valuable and dynamic coupon tool to increase customers’ level of engagement and their return rate.

Nutricate for Worksites

Designed specifically for the worksite environment (corporate dining, campus, healthcare, education, military) our Nutricate Pro product has been shown to influence behaviors and encourage smarter eating choices. Obesity is increasingly cited as the most prevalent chronic health condition and highest priority public health concern in the U.S. Nutricate helps engage, educate and motivate our nation’s workforce on simple ways to live healthier lives.

The Nutricate system is offered in Restaurant and Pro versions. Each Nutricate system includes advanced features from our SmartReceipt Marketing system, plus additional customizable options for your receipts.

Nutricate features include:

  • Easy-to-design receipts with versatile custom coupons
  • Enhanced graphical capabilities
  • User-friendly, drag-and-drop interface
  • Multi-level control to allow you to implement your receipts to whatever stores or regions you choose
  • The ability to print date-targeted coupons
  • Real-time analysis and reporting of coupon activity
  • Nutritional information printed on customer receipts, along with which information to print
  • Nutritional information customized based on the specific order
  • The ability to add games, quizzes, etc. to maximize customer engagement
  • Targeted wellness messages from a library of over 1,000 messages

Nutrition Solutions - Products Table

Case Study: Burgerville

Nutrition Solutions - Case Study“We chose the Nutricate SmartReceipt system because we believe it’s what our guests want,” stated Kyle Dean, Burgerville CEO. “We believe that our guests want to know about the specifics of their meal, from ingredient quality and sourcing to nutritional value. Because our guests are so creative in the way they request their meals, we needed a system that allowed them to measure what they’ve created.”

Burgerville established four measures by which to judge the effectiveness of their program:

  • Customer surveys: The results of over 600 in-person surveys revealed that 84 percent of customers liked or loved the receipts, and 79 percent said the receipts helped them better understand their options. Additionally, 61 percent said it improved their perception of Burgerville.
  • Media response: When the SmartReceipt system was launched, over 200 media outlets picked up the story, ranging from local television stations to social media websites. The response was overwhelmingly positive, even among national media — Restaurant Business called it one of the best 20 inventions in 2009.
  • Coupon ROI: Three currently promoted items were selected to measure ROI. Overall redemption increased by 372 percent, compared to the period before the SmartReceipt implementation. The sales increase provided an ROI of 564 percent over the measurement period.
  • Impact on specific menu items: The nutritional education influenced customers to choose healthier food. Burgerville experienced a 20 percent increase in healthier desserts ordered at the pilot location, as well as a 12 percent increase in orders for salads.

See the impressive results the SmartReceipt solution has generated for other businesses by visiting the Our Customers page.

Interactive Receipt

Try the Nutricate Receipt

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Nutricate Receipt
The Nutricate Receipt
U.S. Patent #s: 5,774,871 & 6,038,546

Nutrient Categories

When you receive a Nutricate Receipt, you'll still find the same information that you'd expect - a list of menu items, prices, tax and total. What's new is the look: our receipt is designed to look like a nutritional facts table, similar to what you find on a food package at the grocery store. For each menu item, you'll find many nutrients quantities, such as calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein - all showing the exact quantity you ordered.


"Hold the mayo" "Add Cheese" "Dressing on the Side"

Today, we ask and are encouraged by restaurants to customize our orders to fit our individual lifestyle and dietary needs. With Nutricate, you'll receive personalized nutrition information for your exact order. If you ask for extra sauce on your sandwich, the receipt will reflect your choice and adds it to your meal total.

Meal Totals

Put away your calculators - we've done the math for you. Unlike any other available form of nutrition information, the Nutricate Receipt totals your entire meal, providing additional convenience by saving you time and headaches.

Percent Daily Value (% DV)

The receipt provides the recommended % DV for your customized meals. This is a great tool to help you better understand your food choices and plan your meals for the rest of the day. You may see percentage daily values for both a 2000 and 2500 calorie diet. We know everyone has different dietary needs, so we provide a range to give you a more meaningful perspective.

Did You Know? Messages

One of the great thing about dining out is we are offered countless choices, allowing us to personalize orders to fit our unique needs. This section of the nutrition receipt is for those of you who are looking for ways to quickly and easily understand your options in order to make the right choices for your lifestyle. Messages can take a variety of forms - for example:

Did you know? Holding the mayo on your sandwich will save you 150 calories and 10 grams of fat?

Did you know? Low fat milk is a great source of calcium, and you just had over 35% of your daily calcium requirement (Based on a 2000 calories diet).

Did you know? We have a variety of sides for your kids meal. Choosing fruit instead of fries will provide 2 full daily servings of fruit and save 250 calories and 15g fat.

Entertainment & Community

Some restaurants may want to entertain you by printing fun facts, trivia, or games for you to read while dining or waiting for your order.

Other restaurants may want to tell you about an important community event that is just around the corner. For instance Silvergreens Restaurant in Santa Barbara, California wanted to make sure that its customers knew about a blood drive that was being held in honor of National Blood Donation Month, and why there was a crucial need for blood donation. Needless to say, on the day of the event, there were more donors than the blood bank could handle.

Loyalty & Promotions

Some restaurants may include an offer or promotion on receipts in an effort to gain repeat business or to thank you for your loyalty to their establishment. This could be in the form of coupons or other promotional offerings.